Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Holder Stand


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The acrylic cone display stand With 8 holes provided and the hole diameter size of 3 cm, this ice cream cone holder is made of high transparent and 3mm thick food-grade acrylic, It’s steady and holds the cone weight very well.
Hole diameter: 3cm/ 1.2inch; Bottom layer: 12.5cm/ 4.9inch; Top layer: 15.5cm/ 6.1inch; Height: 11cm/ 4.3inch; Each stand can hold up to 8 popcorn cupcake cones.
Double layer design make the ice cream cone holder not to wobble around, easy to assemble and disassemble; Best attractive way to display mini ice cream cone in your party.
The protective film simply to protect the stand from possible scratches during shipping. This ice cream stand is made of food-grade clear acrylic. It’s steady and hold the cone weight very well. It is heavy enough to stay on spot and light enough to carry around.
Used as ice cream cone holder, waffle cone holder, sugar cone holder, popcorn cone holder stand, cupcake cone rack, cotton candy display stand, snow cone holder stand, hand roll sushi stand, etc.

SKU: acrylic-ice-cream-cone-holder-stand-clear-8-holes-cupcake-stand-clear-acrylic-ice-cream-cone-display-stand-stand-waffle-cone-rack-for-kids-party-birthday-wedding-decoration-clear Category:

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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