Acrylic Bathtub Caddy Tray


What is the best way to clean? You come home from a hard working day and are completely exhausted. The only thing that can help now is a hot bubble bath. Place a wine at your fingertips, get some delicious fruits ready and enjoy a series on your iPad.
For long time use. With the secure screen holder for your tablet and smartphone, you can relax and enjoy movies and series. In addition, an adjustable non-slip coating and practical handles are included.
Easy to use: the shelf is not only practical to use, but also a guaranteed eye-catcher. Thanks to the innovative design, the tray becomes a modern design element in your bathroom.
Size of everyone: A hot bath in the evening can work wonders. So treat yourself to a break: light a few candles, lay out your favourite book and cook a delicious tea.
High-quality Material: made of acrylic material, transparent color, renewable and easy to clean; has good water resistance; can maintain a certain weight to maintain stability.
The Best Gift: it can be firmly installed on any bathtub; this is a luxurious and elegant gift for your bathing lovers for a lifetime.

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Innovative decoration for your bathroom. Give your bathroom an upgrade – with our modern bath shelf, not only get practical benefits for your next bathroom, but also a stylish and luxurious accessory for your bathroom.Unique with quality. The most expensive solution in the long term, so we rely on high-quality acrylic glass, which is particularly characterised by its durability.The material has the highest surface hardness among all plastics and excellent scratch resistance. Another advantage of acrylic is that it is resistant to against bumps and is also very easy to clean.


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