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Signage Approval

Prime Advertising Team is the leading manufacturing signage company in Dubai for acquiring signage approvals in the city. Our well experienced and professional team ensure that you are aware of the guidelines which must be followed for signage approval Dubai. Depending on your marketing strategy there are a number of categories for which you may require sign board approval including flag banners, street parking advertising, hanging signs, parking structure advertising, indoor/outdoor 3D sign boards, retail directory, additional signs, promotional signage, directional and way finding signs, menu boards and stands, window vinyl stickers/ frosting, unit placement signage, vehicle Branding graphics, RTA+CID permission and many more.

Subscribe boards aren’t just for business mindfulness. They’ve a important impact on the terrain and may indeed present safety hazards if not designed or installed rightly. This is why you bear permits similar as sign board approval for your company or business. The authorities have a policy for anyone who violates the guidelines set in place for the betterment of the megacity. Prime Advertising LLC strives to cleave to the law to avoid unwelcome situations where signage may be removed by the government for similar violations. We’ve 15 years of carrying signboard approval for businesses of every kind from salons to cafes and any shop, caffs , services or place structures. In order to help issues with signage approval, we educate our customers on the regulations for this purpose. Quality control is a prominent element of these rules because the authorities wish to maintain the value of the sign as well as its surroundings

Guidelines for signage approval

Our experts explain that Sign board approval is only granted if the size, position, nature, and content of the signage are applicable. Safety comes first, especially when it comes to hoarding boards that are generally relatively large in size. Hoarding board blessing can not be attained if proper preventives haven’t been taken for secure installation. According to UAE laws, public decency and original traditions must be admired with regard to the content. Signage blessing Dubai is only given if the name on the signage is the same as the company’s name in the DMCC Trade License. To minimize light pollution and disturbance due to light, the government doesn’t give placard blessing to those that produce a nuisance for the parcels around them. Besides using durable accoutrements , they mustn’t pose any fire pitfalls. All electrical factors must be isolated and hidden from public view. Accoutrements, types of lighting, and confines must be mentioned in the signage approval operation. The applicable NOC from the structure proprietor or inventor must also be acquired along with the Permit to Work. Temporary signs similar as “ Opening Soon ” also bear signage blessing in Dubai. The business must mention the gender it caters to in the sign if applicable.

Documents Required for Signage Approval Application

  • Advertising permit application
  • Location or site map
  • Images of the existing building façade or site on which the sign is to be installed
  • Rendered and appropriately scald drawings of the signage and artwork, which shows the dimensions, sections, and material specifications
  • Structural calculations and drawings
  • 3D rendered image of the proposed signage on the building or the site
  • Undertaking letter from the owner of the property for signage installation
  • Appointment letter of the contractor
  • NOC from the relevant Authority
  • Copy of the Company Trade License
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Compliance method statement covering all activities

Prime Advertising LLC

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