Merry Christmas Backdrop Banner, Large – 71×47 Inch and 107 X 70 inch


*This merry christmas nativity backdrop banner decoration mainly provides beautiful banner decorations for Jesus Christians to commemorate religious important jesus birth moments. The banner is printed with the pattern that Jesus was born in the dark night, and the surrounding cows, sheep, and villagers all come to worship the sacred moment. The words “Merry Christmas” surrounded by angels in the night sky express the theme ,Great for Christmas family parties. *This religious nativity christmas banner, the size is 71×45inch/180×115cm, the fabric is big enough to cover the place you need to decorate easily, especially suitable for hanging on the wall as a party logo to show,Add a Festive Vibe to a nativity party. It can also be used as a photo booth background, allowing family and friends to immerse themselves in the joy of the Christmas party and record the good times together. *This merry christmas nativity backdrop banner has 4 metal rings in the 4 corner side and rope (180cm) to hang it.

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