MDF Cutouts Bag/Luggage Tags


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Supreme quality of mdf used to create these luggage tags. Highly durable unfinished wooden plain surface wood cutouts are ideal for any DIY art and craft project.
  • DIY ARTISTIC ACTIVITY: These blank MDF board travel bag cut-outs can be used for acrylic and oil painting, resin pouring, dot mandala, alcohol ink art and other do-it-yourself activities.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: These MDF cutouts are extremely easy to paint and are ideal for decoupage activities for kids, artists, custom art creators, and instructors.
  • AN IDEAL GIFT: These wooden cutouts can be offered as an excellent diwali gift to craft lovers, kids as well as adults who love working on DIY projects.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 10 pieces of rectangular tags and 10 pieces of circular tags . Size: Rectangle : 3in X 2in X 6mm each and Circle: 2.5 in X 2.5 in X 6mm each, Colour: Brown
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Maxsafe Plain MDF luggage / bag tags wooden cutouts in two shapes from 6mm MDF for DIYs that can be decorated the way you want to. Using your creativity, make unique tags and flaunt them when ever you are out. Suitable for all type of craft activities, decoupage, resin pour, etc.


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