Love Leaf Neon Sign


Unique Love Neon Sign with 3D Engraving Design : This leaf neon sign uses silicone LED neon strip with engraving technology. The 3D carving letters and patterns are lighted up by the surrounding neon lights. The neon leaf sign is bright but not glaring.
Environmental Protection: Using high quality LED light source, low energy consumption, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, with soft neon tube, low voltage insulation, no danger of glass breakage or leakage of dangerous materials.
his 3D art love neon light sign would be special gifts for birthday, anniversary, holidays, or funny love gift for lovers etc. The leaf light up sign would be perfect decoration for home, bedroom, camping, bars, man cave, event, celebration, wall art sign. And power the emotion atmosphere for your space.
【Energy Saving】:Large size, Green LED is easier to attract the eye, not dazzling, low energy saving.
It comes along with an adapter plug having 1.2m cord.
Safety and Durability: Compared with the old-fashioned glass neon sign, the neon tube does not generate heat and can be touched with confidence. This eco-friendly LED light sign
Its size is 12″×11.6”

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This beautiful High Heel Neon Sign made of acrylic sheet and LED lights and can be used for decoration or for gift. Size:12″×11.6”


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